Polycarbonate Sheet Corrugated polycarbonate sheet

Polycarbonates are one of the most advantageous ones. These sheets are two layered sheets with a ribbed-like structure. They are wave-like in appearance and can be reinforced with chopped glass fiber. Although double-layered, they act as a single layered sheet, and are used as a popular roofing material for various kinds of structures. Corrugated polycarbonate sheets have a variety of benefits against other kinds of similar materials. These sheets are 200 times stronger than glass, while being half the weight! Although it is translucent, and not as transparent as glass, it lets in enough sunlight, while maintaining its colour and strength, without any possibility of rotting.


Ease of construction. Polycarbonates are so light weight yet durable.

Lowered costs. The light weightiness of polycarbonate makes it easier to handle, transport and carry.


Property of resistance.

Sound barrier.

Ultraviolet protection.

Specifications :

Thickness: 1mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2mm, 3mm

Width: As per Requirement (Max 1220 plain)

Colors: Clear, Bronze, Blue, Green & Milky

Length: As per Requirement (Max 20Feet)

Hollow / Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

Multiwall polycarbonate sheet is the most versatile polycarbonate sheet for internal and external purpose. The hollow and multi cellular structure provides the flexibility while maintaining the strength of the sheet. These multiwall polycarbonate roofing sheets are manufactured from UV stabilized resin that ensures the product, meets the highest quality standards. With a wide range of options in terms of clear as well as diffused light, Hollow & Cellular sheets can provide a maximum of 70 % and minimum of 30% light transmission. These polycarbonate roofing sheets allow light to enter, at a significantly lower heat transmission level, to ensure optimum illumination with maximum comfort. Ensuring its lightness and improving its thermal insulation depending upon the applications.


Thickness :- 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

Roll Size :- 7Ft x 39Ft & 4Ft x 39Ft

Colors :- Clear, Bronze, Opal, Blue, Green, Grey

Applications & Advantages :-

Residential Flat Roof Glazing & cladding

Commercial Buildings Roof Glazing & cladding

Greenhouse Roofing





Strong & Durable

Great Transparency Levels

High Thermal Insulation

Energy-efficient and