Puf Panel/Sandwich Panel

PUF or polyurethane panels are prefabricated sandwich panels containing tough polyurethane foam that is known for its superior strength and insulative properties. The panel surface is typically made of steel, aluminium, cement, or a combination of these.Uniquely arranged to prevent the leakage of water. Sandwich Puf Panel have become essential in the construction industry. They are used alongside traditional building materials such as wood, steel, and concrete and have become the first choice material for the realization of various buildings such as production halls, airports, exhibition halls, cold rooms, plants, agricultural buildings, and many others. The reasons for this trend are to be found in their excellent properties as insulating elements. Architects select these multilayer panels for many reasons, including their design potential and aesthetic, and their static and acoustic properties – Sandwich Puf Panel.

Thickness & Dimensions

Insulated panels are available in 30 mm upto 150 mm thick . The maximum length of the panels will be 12 mtr and width for Roof 1080 mm, for wall 1200mm. It can be produced according to client requirement and project demand.

Spectrum Of Colours:-

# First Last
1 Off White Ral 9002”
2 Sky Blue Ral 5012
3 Mist Green Ral 6011
4 Turquoise Blue Ral 5018
5 Light Grey Ral 7037

Application :- Roof and Wall Cladding

General Features :-

a) Mechanical Characteristics of Foam at Overall Density of 40(+/-2) kg/m3

# First Last
1 Tensile Strength 150~250 kpa
2 Compression Strength 100~210 kpa
3 Shear Strength 100~240 kpa
4 Fire Property B3 as per DIN 4102 (B2 & PIR upon request)

b) Insulation Capacity

# First Last
1 K value (Thermal Conductivity of PU) -0.019 W/mk
2 Tolerance +- 0.002


Reduced preparation – no need for pre-drillings or fixings.


Self-tapping – screws cut their own thread.

Reduced mess – no mess from pre-drilling.

Durability – weather resistant and numerous reapplications.

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