G I Purlin (C & Z)

In architecture, structural engineering or building, a purlin is a horizontal beam used for structural support in PEB / Industrial shed most commonly in a roof. Purlins are supported either by rafters or the walls of the building. They are most commonly used in metal buildings.Purlins are supplied in required sizes and length with pre punched holes to provide efficiency in faster construction.

C Purlin

C section purlins or cee section purlins are designed to form the walls and floor joists of a building shell structure, making them also ideal for supporting beams needed for mezzanine flooring. ... All of our C section purlins have equal extensions on their sides, meaning they can be used in single spans.

Z Purlin

Steeline Z Section Purlins are mainly used for commercial applications but are just as cost effective to be used for smaller type garages and carports. The Z sections can also form part of the columns and rafters in these smaller applications.

Technical Specifications :-

# First Last
1 Thickness 1.2 mm To 2.5 mm
2 Material Galvanized Iron / Steel
2 Yield Strength 245 MPa & 345 MPal
2 Length As per requirement

Benefits Of C & Z Purlin

High durability, versatility and uniform quality.

Fast to erect and easy handling.

Self-tapping – screws cut their own thread.

Economical / Cost Effective.

Assured dimensions and straightness..

Ability for large span